I've just committed myself to doing a 10k run for Cancer Research on the 20th of September.

That was dumb.
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The trees rise up and take their revenge

Glastonbury goodness

Glastonbury was awesome. I am only a teeny bit sunburnt, and don't have trenchfoot, so all is well. We were really lucky with the weather - the rain generally fell before 10am so we just stayed in bed till it stopped. It was muddy, but dried up pretty quickly before showers.

Bands seen:

Bjorn Again - Hilarious and actually very good at what they do.
Lady Gaga - very entertaining, her boobs were at one point made of sparks. Apparently she also flashed her Lady Garden but I didn't notice.
The Ting Tings - catchy and well played poppy stuff that made everyone smile
Hockey - I honestly can't remember anything about them. Which probably says it all.
The Qemists - highly recommended. Kind of Nu-metal dancy crossover. But more weird than that.
Pendulum - awesomely good, brilliant crowd
Franz Ferdinand - catchy and fun, but I still probably won't ever buy an album. Moley thinks they're poo.
Status Quo - cos my mum made me go.
Enter Shikari - were brilliant but started early so we missed half their set. Which made Moley very sad as he'd been looking forward to them.
Madness - brilliant, crowd were amazing. I love Suggs. At one point the saxophonist was suspended on wires. I nearly cried when they played Our House - not sure why I was so emotional!
Mr Scruff - very disappointing. I like the concept (you don't really see him, just his random cartoons on screen) but the music was rubbish. Maybe Keep It Unreal is his only good album..........
Blur - definitely the highlight of the whole weekend. The atmosphere were amazing and the band were so obviously chuffed to be there. And Phil Daniels came on for Parklife :-)

Also watched:

Coraline 3D in the cinema tent. Really enjoyed the film but had a pillar in the way which detracted a bit. And it was about 7000 degrees in there - free sauna!
Full Mooners - comedy club thing starting at Midnight. Quite funny but a few too many Jacko jokes - yawn.
Early edition - Phill Jupitus and friends read the papers and take the piss. Very good.
Duelling Banjos - two camp men juggling on Unicycles - what more could you want?
Bruce Airhead - man in a balloon. AWESOME.
Insect circus Museum - a museum about an insect circus. In a gypsy caravan.


Several Where's Wallys
Two 18 year olds off their faces on acid, asleep on the sofa of the tiny tea tent. One of them had his face in his friends crotch.
Kids selling a blast from a water pistol for 10p
Homer and Bart Simpson dancing to Status Quo
A man dressed as a dog, with huge balls and a penis that squirted passers by.

Today I am mostly cleaning muddy boots and washing smelly sleeping bags.
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The trees rise up and take their revenge


I've been invited to join a group on facebook entitled 'Yes, I do want a fucking bag'. The group is basically a rant against supermarkets encouraging people to take their own bags.

Now, some of their arguments make sense, e.g. how supermarkets are actually saving money from these schemes, and how annoying it is if you forget to take a bag with you and have to ask for a bag. But at the same time the group seems to be entirely populated by people with children. Who, surely, should be the ones who care about the environment the most because their children will grow up in it.

I know this has all been said before in a million different ways with a million different arguments, but it's just riled me this morning. The idea that it's *that* hard to take bags to the supermarket with you? I mean, seriously!! You pick them up, and carry them (using the handy handles attached) and then put them in your car. Because everybody does drive to the supermarket, yes, even me, because I am lazy.

But at least I admit it and don't just whinge about. I try to walk places within a reasonable distance. I get the bus into town if I'm on my own. I recycle bottles and cans in the box that the council collects for me. People should enjoy life and live in the moment, but sometimes you've got to look to the future. In forty years time when we're all old and decrepit, we won't have the right to complain about the filthy air that we breathe.

People who drop litter don't have the right to complain when the streets are dirty.
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just spent 2 hours and 15 minutes learning how to use a Questionairre system. This was a complete waste of time as I will never be allowed to use it because the marketing team don't want people sending random un-approved surveys.

But it was a LOT better than sitting in the office!


I've been spurred on by the Spaced 'script' on Simon Pegg's blog to watch Hot Fuzz again. May do that tonight. It is the awesomeness.

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So yeah, anyway, work again smells of poo. But you're sick of hearing that.

I sat in the spare room last night to watch a DVD and it was quite nice. I've not actually sat in there because it's a bit of a mess, but I think with some tidying it'll be a nice usable room. Moley was playing Rainbow 6 AGAIN!!

I want to go through my stuff, chuck some crap away, and store the rest in the loft, so that our house is comfy and clean and nice.
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Buh buh, bu-bu buh bu- bu buh buh,

la la la, I want to go away from this evil office and dance to that Juddery pendulum song. And some MSI.



I've been on the internet and confirmed my new interesting thought: Xbox games can be backwards compatible on the 360. YAY! So I can play Munch's oddysee which I have never played but always wanted to. SOOOOO happy about this. And I can buy the game for extreme cheapness. I will now buy lots of cheap Xbox games to play on the 360.

AND I did my excercise DVD last night so today I can eat biscuits without feeling like a pig.

Must hoover tonight. Mmmm, curry for tea.
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The trees rise up and take their revenge

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That was the weekend of the fun-ness! Yay! So,

Party was awesome, fun in a box, said the cat. I have to say, I think the Bacardi Breezer helped me to relax enough to talk to new People. I'm always afraid that me and Moley come across as being snobby (I think 'aloof' is probably the right word) but we are just both genuinely shy and afraid of looking like idiots. Moley has some sort of disturbing neuroses where he's terrified of offending people to the point where he analysis what he's said to them. Anyway, everyone there was lovely.

Still not sure what the measuring things was about......

Pub lunch is also awesomeness and should be done more often.
Moley tried to sort out our TV signal problem last night at about 8pm. Note: this is a thing not to do in the dark.

I have come to the conclusion that a corset is very very important and I need to buy one (that's need, not just 'want'). So if I save £50 a month I can get one by the summer when it'll be too hot to wear it.....
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Someone has stolen my motivation, jumped on it, and flushed it down the bog. Cos I just don't care!

Bored bored bored.

And the 360 stopped working last night for no apparent reason. I HATE it when my brother is right 'don't get a second hand one, it'll break, you'll regret it' blah blah blah.

Ah well, I shall have to spend tonight watching my video of the Oscars and my borrowed Mighty Boosh DVDs. Could be worse I suppose.
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